Why I hate men

Men are from Mars

1. If you are independent, they don´t like it, “you don´t need us”
2. If you are dependent, don´t like it either. too needy
3. If you are girly. don´t like it you are a nag
4. if you are tomboy. don´t like it. “you are like one of us”
5. You give them you phone num. don´t like too upfront.
6. wait to asked for phone number. Don´t like it. “afraid of rejection”
7. you ask them out. don´t like it. you are too aggresive
8. you wait to be asked out. don´t like it. “we are afraid of rejection”
9. You make money. Dont like it. “it threats our masculinity”
10, you don’t make money. dont like it. you are a gold digger”
11. you have your own apart. dont like it. too independent
12. live with parents. don’t like it. to infantile.
13. to direct. dont like it. to aggressive
14. not direct. don´t like it. “get to the point woman”
15. You are smart. don´t like it. “threats masculinity” or “you are not to be trusted, you know too much”
16. you are dumb. don’t like it. ” i get bored after we fuck”
17. Good in the sack dont like it “you are a whore”
18. Bad in the sack dont like it. “you are a prude”
19. have a lot of girldfriends. dont like it. ” they are gossepy bitches”
20. have very few girlfriends. Dont like it. “there is something wrong with you”
23. If you are successfull “that is because you are a girl and you got where you are bc of your looks”
24. if you are unsucessfull “thats normal i mean, you are a woman in a mans world”
25. you study. dont like it. “you are such a geek”
26. You don´t study. don’t like it. “do you know anything?”
27. Like going shopping. “what a materialistic bitch”
28. Don´t like shopping. “why are you still here? what do you do with your time?”
29. you sew “what are you, my mother???”
30. you don´t sew. “you can´t fix my pants?!”
31. you eat. “this one is going to be a fatty”
32. you don´t eat. “are you anorexic?”
33. makes her own decisions don’t like it “she does not need us”
34. Does not make her own decisions. Just Right
35. Can not be manipulated. “stuck up bitch”
36. Can be manipulated. Just perfect

This post was submitted by thehater.

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Molly ManHater is a divorcee of a dead beat husband who is a dead beat dad. Her ex is a great example of all that is wrong with men. She is an ardent feminist. Molly supports womens rights. And she HATES all men. Molly hopes you like her site!


  1. Are you a feminist, in support of gender equality? Or are you a feminizer in support of female “superiority”? If you favor superiority you must be hands down the most ignorant kind of activist there is. I’d love to hear which category you fall under. Kill all men, right? sounds like a great idea! lets just put an end to the human race right!? or put just put Hilary in office to react to the several potential threats that lurk on the world stage. I wonder if she would be able to keep emotion out of her next move and use some logic. An emotional reaction could mean nuclear armageddon. But you want to kill all men anyway so whatever lets take that risk! 🙂

    • Mike…men are such bastards. Just ask any of the millions of women you men have abused. Men abuse women every day of the week.

      I think a site called “I Hate All Men” because #KillAllMen is too kind is how a lot of women feel.

      The site is really only just getting going. I think a LOT of women will write us their stories.

      There is a site called ihatemen.org which has 300,000 members and is now shutting down.

      Maybe many of these women will come over here where we will welcome them with open arms.

      As for being a “feminist”?

      I think feminists are too kind to men. So I don’t really identify as a “feminist”.

      Most women do not identify as feminists any more. I think that is an old argument.

      I think the much more important argument is how badly men treat women and what might be done about that.

      • right but your argument that men are evil is naive and ignorant and in any other aspect of society you would be shunned for what you said. For instance, jews are evil kill them all! Where have we heard that before? Just because Adolf Hitler had several experiences with evil jews he made the leap to the conclusion Kill em all. Will you openly support Adolf Hitler on your fresh site? If so ill expose you to those “evil” jews over at the ADL.

        the only reason that you can say these things is because women have crusaded and crusaded for such legal favoritism. my cousins wife married him and left him right away and took his money. Are marriage laws equal? should they be? i dont think the law should treat any one group in society with preference. it causes problems like women thinking that it is a good idea if they take over the world.

        • You got it backwards. Jews and women have both been historically oppressed as a class. Aryans and men have not. A better analogy would be a 1940s Jew hating all Aryans. Which sounds like a decent survival tactic to me. Put on a good face if you have to, but don’t trust, be wary. Which is what many women do every day as… a survival tactic.

      • Molly, have you ever thought that idiots like you deserve the abuse? Have you considered the fact that pathetic women like yourself keep running back to these guys and reinforcing their behaviour? By the way, the reason why ihatemen.org is shutting down is because they were frustrated trying to debate people with actual facts and statistics, when all they have (not unlike yourself) is feminist false rhetoric.

          • Haha this shit is getting funny as hell i don’t know where women get the idea that all men are bastards well keep trying because your just going to get no where with that statement

        • Who said anything about running back to abusive men? Molly Manhater is speaking about ALL men and their evil behavior. Her list is pretty soft compared to mine (check it out), but quite valid. We don’t need statics about the evil that men do. Just read the news! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Look back at history.. Modern times.. Right now.. Unless your one of those guys who is in total denial of your destructive, misogynistic & hateful behavior and actions!

        • Reinforcing? You are a first class clown, but then, you’re male. Running back isn’t necessary! You rape and murder women u know from nowhere, that’s your gender and I despise you all.

        • “Molly, have you ever thought that idiots like you deserve the abuse?” By saying that you just prove what sick and deranged minds men have, and how there is no hope of them being reformed.

      • This is generalizing so bad.
        You’re tsking what one fucknugget said, combining it with something some other asshole said into one grotesque misrepresentation of everyone, and then generlizing that because (x) amount of men said this, all of them feel the same. When i was 14 i didnt want sex. I wanted a girl whod look after me as i did her, a stable relationship, no one in control. But every day i’d go to class and be called a rapist and scum by people like you. Oh its rare, but it happens. I understand you’ve had bad experiences with those who hold a y chromosome, but don’t generalize and hate innocents. You may not have met them, but aknowledge their existence.
        you shouldn’t hate men.
        you should hate the scum that deforms the world.

        • Have you actually done anything to deal with this scum, or are you more concerned with policing the victims of this scum because the scum leave you ~personally~ alone and you don’t give a shit about how they abuse women?

    • Get off this site! It isn’t for you. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Smh

    • After being heart broken so many times. Women go into a self protection mode. I hate men in a romantic way because I will always be hurt in the end. A lot of women feel this way without the feminism stereotype. It’s a way for us to cope. The only way to cope for those who can’t heal, like me.

    • Ahahaha… i didnt read after the secon list. “Are you a feminist”? “Do u belive in equality”. Ahahahaha i’m dying. Have u read the name of the website your browsing?

  2. I’m interested in knowing wether you are a feminist, in favor of gender equality and equal rights for women OR a feminizer, who would much prefer the “superiority” of women? Kill all men right? It takes an especially ignorant and greedy activist to strive for the superiority of women over men (at least in the way of legal favoritism). Yeah! Women over men! woo! kill them all! lets put an end to the human race! Two ways to do it, too! Lets just elect Hilary Clinton and hope she can keep an air of logic to her decisions while this country is under attack from one of the presently lurking threats on the world stage. Hopefully she wont let her emotions decide where logic would instead be best fit!

    Can we agree women can let emotion get the best of them? Instead of being offended by why you say about “my” kind (what happened to the image of HUMAN kind?) I decided to employ some logic in your feminizing desires and come to a conclusion based on what is true. Your desire to “kill them all” is clearly an emotional reaction to the shitty guy that was your husband. Instead maybe take a step back and think.. hmm was there anything maybe in the beginning of the relationship that mighta tipped you off that he is a scum bag. Because there will always be scum bags and it is my belief that they exist in equal numbers throughout our ever expanding number of genders.

    Use logic and don’t be controlled by your emotions and maybe you’ll avoid becoming one yourself. KILL ALL MEN!

      • You’re so stupid haha. Men softened up a bunch in recent years to the point where Id say most men are hardly men at all. Pull a stunt like that and we will reassert ourselves as the dominant gender. Thousands of years on this planet humans had a patriarchal society, do you think that happened by chance? Do you think it cant happen again? Women are mens equals now because men allowed it to be so. I think equality is great but if a gender war is what you want it think you’d be making a sad mistake. The yes means yes law was the tip of the iceberg for me and now it is my goal to expose feminizer (one who wants world domination by the “fairer” sex) lunatics like yourself for the sad sacs of emotion that you are. you and your feelings disgust me. KILL all men.

        • I hate men like you especially. Egging on violence and thinking you possess some threat to women with your playground taunt of “try it little lady, and we he menz will rise up and rape and beat you all again like in da good old days before we ‘let’ you have teh rights! ROAAAaaaaaaaRRRRRrrrr!!!!!”

          Yeah we get it you piece of dog shit. Women hating men threatens your shriveled little pebbles.

          Good, good. (In my best Sithlord voice)

        • What the hell is a “feminazer”. You’re lucky that “feminazis” don’t actually exist, or idiots like you would have all been selectively aborted to eliminate stupidity from the population.

          “Men allowed it to be so” lmao. Pick up a history book.

        • You disgust me. Women all over the world are bring tortured, burnt, raped and murdered, sold off as child brides etc etc and you say we are treated equally and men are nice to us!!!!! You are an ignorant man

        • Actually whole Earth and all other beings on ithis Earth (animals and plants included) would be so gratefull if big number of human males would dissappear from terrorising and raping this planet. Women and children are not only ones who have had hard time on this Earth because of human males who’s brains are seriously messed up and spiritually comes so behind even animal kindom. There is some exceptions and those could be the ones who would continue human race and rase future males to become real human beings with comoassion and spititual maturity (which are qualities what nost women have already by birth).

        • Actually whole Earth and all other beings on this Earth (animals and plants included) would be so gratefull if big number of human males would dissappear from terrorising and raping this planet. Women and children are not only ones who have had hard time on this Earth because of human males who’s brains are seriously messed up and spiritually comes so behind of even animals.
          There is some rare exceptions and those could be the ones who could continue human race and would help to rase boy children to grow up as a real human beings with compassion, intellect and spiritual maturity (which are qualities what most girls have naturally already by birth).

    • Superiority isn’t it idiot. This is about preserving women. You rape and murder them everyday remember? I hate men. I loathe u.

    • Year right women are incapable of logical thought, ha, it’s only women who have to clean up the mess when men scew up, women who do the work while men take the credit, women who run most households (and not by choice, due to mens meglect and incompetence) and women who carry the responsibility (I mean we must be responsible for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING since we’re blamed for everything). Men aren’t emotional? What do you call violence, a logical reaction? Men lash out all the time, they can’t help themselves, they have no self control, they have to go to anger management classes, join the military or do retreats to control their animal over emotional irrationality. Prisons are do full of them, in some faculties it’s literally standing room only, because men can’t control themselves. As it is most are inscure man babies who go whichever way will get them the most popularity. So women cry, or write mean things on blogs, so what, it’s not going to bring down society like the way men have with their ingrained entitlement, violence and hate. What Molly writes is nothing compared to what men write, men who are a part of organized women hating groups like MRA or PUA, who plot how to harm women, run online gorums and blogs specifically and unashamedly dedicated to destroying women and target them in person. So a woman dented a few egos (it’s about time someone did), big deal, it’s men who kill, rape, imprison, tourture, disgrace, defile…

  3. either way the human race is over and the feminist movement’s (or maybe just your psychotic outlook’s) Kill all men is accomplished. Both would result in the total destruction of human kind (face it you need a man to have those wonderful little kids you love so much).a bright and clear example of allowing your emotions to take control and make you more susceptible is that you can make a statement like kill ALL men. As if it a gender thing and not a scum bag thing. Face it your husband was a scumbag, life happens. I think you’d be a fool however to deny that there are scumbags throughout the ever expanding array of gender choices we have these days.

    If you’re not careful with the effects of emotions on rational decision making you too may become a scumbag. and if your answer to my first posed question is that you are a feminizer than it proves you have already made the switch to scumbag because I was raised of the mindset that EQUALITY was best. If you wish to assert female superiority you are just as bad as the men who you fought so diligently against for your equality*.

    • No one group of people is going to end the human race. Not even the most militant of feminist women think that. There are 7 billion people on the planet. Talk about being an alarmist!!

      You men do not like it when us women tell you how we really feel do you.

      • Kill all men is your little slogan. The point I’m making to you is that if you could have what you say you want it would be the death of our kind because, as evil as we men are FACE IT you need us.

        As for your opinion on how women (you) feel about men, then women in my life are not of the same mindset. This is the reason that I would not say that all women are evil. BUT Id say a pretty defining feature of all women (maybe similar to mens want to have as many partners as possible– a bad practice for society) is that you are emotional. Right now you are thinking emotionally and making irrational statements. I thought it was made pretty clear before but YOU ARE AN EMOTIONAL WRECK. Im not gonna sugar coat it for you, if you employ logic than your statements are quickly seen for the idiocy that they contain.

        do you have a son? KILL ALL MEN.


        • “Women are more emotional than men,” he typed angrily as he turned on his capslock. “YOU ARE AN EMOTIONAL WRECK. IDIOT!” Being an intentionally-obtuse moron, it seems he would never learn that anger is also an emotion.

          I think every woman hates all men at times. But we often don’t say so. Gender-based abuse of women by men is endemic worldwide, but men seem more concerned with protecting their own lily-white images (in their own minds anyway) than actually doing anything to help. Your buddy date rapes some girl and you’ll all circle the wagons and call her a whore, rather than face the truth and help bring him to justice. When these kinds of lies are revealed to the world on the news and in the papers, men are never too upset by the date rape, or the wagon-circling of the other men, presumably because they would do the same in both situations. They only get upset when some women notices how terrible men are acting and says something about it. Then they jump up straightaway to scream, NOT ALL MEN! Then they sit back down, continuing to either directly contribute to, or blissfully ignore, the endemic abuse of women.

          “NOT ALL MEN” doesn’t help abuse victims, fam, and if we have a bunch of “zeroes” and a bunch of “negatives”, with no “positives”, that adds up to a big fat negative number.

        • Well you seem pretty emotional, especially that last sentence “KILL ALL MEN!” Are you sure you are not indeed a woman?

  4. Is this part parody/hyperbole? You don’t seem that mad to me, or that hateful.

    Anyway I don’t mind too much if you hate men. It’s good to vent and I hope your website does well. Good luck Molly!

    • The site is part light relief. It is part humour. It is part serious.

      Am I a psycho bitch man hater? Well? Some days my boyfriend would say so!

      Other days he is quite happy with me.

      There are some women who really do hate all men. There are some women who think that some men are salvageable.

      There are a lot of different opinions among women about men the same way there are a lot of different opinions about women among men.

      We are creating a place where women can say what they want. If they really hate men? They are free to say so.

      We want to create a really interesting site for women.

      I have no idea why so many men turned up. Did someone put our site on some mens sites?

      • It’s because Molly, men try to attack anything that makes them uncomfortable. More evidence of their abusive tendencies. I don’t hate men but its clear men are stupid/unintelligent creatures. especially the ones who have commented on here. Give you braincless a rest boys and go kick a football around. Leave us to a suit that the site creater said was for women. So do one men. Good luck Molly.

        • Hi Louise,
          thank you very much for your kind comments. They are much appreciated.

          I hope this site becomes a place where women can come and talk with each other about their feelings and experiences across a wide range of topics.

        • Stupid and unintelligent? Coming from someone who wrote, “Give you braincless a rest boys and go kick a football around. Leave us to a suit that the site creater said was for women. So do one men.” I think I’d have to be retarded to even start to understand that.

  5. Hahahaha you are so fucking mad Molly. You are so pissed that it’s making me laugh out loud hard as hell. You’ve created this invisible enemy out of all of the things you hate about PEOPLE in general, and then used a sweeping generalization to apply it to men. I wonder what your boyfriend would think of this post, Molly? Just another fat terrorcunt with problem hair and glasses. Nothing to see here, not even worth arguing with.

    • The endemic abuse of women is only invisible to you because you choose to ignore it, most likely because you are also participating in it and don’t want to face up for your crimes.

    • I’m sure that you aren’t really “laughing.” But hey, if it makes you feel better to say that…

  6. I just came across this site and skimmed through a few of these comments here. I understand you think all men abuse women, but why? That is definitely an overstatement and stereotype of ALL men. However, to the root of your site and ideas and feelings, why do you hate men? And furthermore, what do you hate about men? Yes some men are bastards, but aren’t we all part of a beautiful species? Not sure what the goal of the site is, whether it’s a parody of the statement or an actual feeling most women and your audience do embrace. I would’t support hate for women or hate for anyone for that matter, then go as so low to hate ALL men. Why not love each other and show each other how we would like to be expressed by such love and affection? After wall, Love Heals All.

    • I have continually tried to explain nhu I hate men to men but it is difficult because they have not experienced life as a female. The abuse from males starts in childhood and continues on in some form or another until you are too old to be of any interest to them. I am now 61 and the abuse takes the form of insults shouted in the street as to how unfuckworthy I am. Please don’t dismiss women’s life experiences as you have no idea

    • Lol your name says so much about you. I can imagine the only thing you pick up is your own skidmarked underwear off the floor when you do your own washing, in your tiny single room that smells like you’ve been keeping monkeys.

  7. I apologize for all the crimes committed against the female gender by the male gender, being male myself. I am truly sorry. Not all of us are like that but unfortunately we are dominated and our norms set by those who are like that. My gender is responsible for millions of more murders and rapes, while the female gender has committed no rape and very little murder or conflicts when some of them got positions with power historically often creating a long age of peace and stability/security. The male culture needs to change and men really should be civilized/re-educated.

    • Thank you, Anon. I’m glad there are some genuinely good guys like you out there. I wish all men could evolve like you have, and stop acting like mindless beasts who think women are nothing but sex toys and baby makers. I’m so sick of it. I don’t want my future daughter to have to grow up in a world where she will be constantly degraded and marginalized because of her gender.

      I hate that the world is still such a terrible place for women. I hear about women and children being raped and killed everyday by the deviants of the male gender. I don’t know why so many of them want to behave like uncivilized creatures. I don’t know why in 2015 these monsters still get away with so many horrible crimes. I’m getting so disheartened by all the injustices done to women, and how everytime we take a step forward, we’re knocked back two more. I can’t believe there are people out there stupid enough to believe we don’t need feminism anymore, completely ignoring the unfair way women are still treated in this disgusting patriarchal society. Why are people, including a lot of women, so blind to it? Why is it so accepted? Women are the ones who bring life into the world, but we get treated like we’re worthless and can’t do anything except spit out babies and make sandwiches. It pisses me off so much that I’m constantly being devalued because of the gender I was born as. I’m tired of people shaming and blaming women pretty much just for existing. Why do we allow it?! Change is far too slow. In other parts of the world, the women aren’t even considered human beings and are raped and beaten on a daily basis. Little girls get sold to old men for marriage! I doubt the youngest child brides last long. I’m just so sick of all of it. Why aren’t we doing more? Why don’t we wage war on these countries for human rights violations instead of their stupid oil or whatever. It’s disgusting that resources and inanimate objects are more important than the lives and well being of women and children.

      Sorry, just needed to rant.

      • Hi Liv,
        I want to wish you a warm welcome to the site. Thank you for your comment.

        Yes. I agree. Men get away with far too much. Too many men treat us like “baby factories” and “sandwich makers”.

        We are so much more.

        I so often hear the comment “get back in the kitchen and make your man a sandwich”. I just want to throttle the men who say such things.

        I really hope that more women come here and post articles and share their thoughts and feelings!

        If you want to write an article and get it posts please do. We need more women “ranting” like you!

        Again. Thank You!


    • Hi Anon,
      good to see there are a few decent men in the world.

      Why do you think that so many men treat so many women so badly?

      If you want to write an article and have it posted we would be pleased to do so.

      Thank you!


  8. Here are more articles with stories that happened just recently that prove women need to avoid men as much as possible: http://globalnews.ca/news/2214902/u-of-t-issues-warning-to-students-faculty-after-online-threats-made/ and http://globalnews.ca/news/2207449/family-sues-american-airlines-says-man-sexually-abused-girl-travelling-alone/?utm_source=Article&utm_medium=Outbrain&utm_campaign=2015
    The second shows the typical sexual abuse of little girls by these entitled pedophile freaks from backwards countries. The first one is obviously a disgusting MRA scumbag. MRAs are the ones who should be getting death threats. Women will never be safe from these bastards. It’s time we stood up as a collective group and fight back, and yes, even resort to violence. We can’t negotiate with terrorists, so fighting fire with fire is the only way. We have every right to protect ourselves, and our own. Wipe MRAs and other misogynistic assholes off the face of the earth!

  9. Hi..
    Girl Here… You are pathetic woman, just because you have a deadbeat husband of dad you don’t have to ruin feminism like this. Guess what… I faced hell from a bipolar mom does that mean we should kill all bipolar mommies? You don’t know for one man who abuses a woman there are 10 or at least 5 men who take care of their women. Men don’t like women getting raped, do you know that? IT hurts men a lot when their sisters or daughters have been abused or even mothers. Why do you think boys worship mommies so much. They know the struggles. You think men march against violence against women just to get laid. Nope because they don’t want women to get hurt and men face abuse too. Feminist movement is successful because of men also… You think Anon above doesn’t represent a good majority of men. He does. Lot of men think like that when its clearly not their fault. I can’t imagine a world with men..

  10. I expect we’ll be seeing you on the evening news before long.

    While the shotgun is a good choice for maximizing carnage while venting your rage at a local sports bar, or heavy metal concert you might want to aim lower and lean forward more otherwise you are going to end up blowing up more ceiling tiles than killing men. Keep in mind, they will probably be diving for the floor. Also, consider the advantages of investing in a combat shotgun. They generally store ammunition in detachable box or drum magazines so you’ll get more bang for your “bucks.” Keeping in mind that you probably won’t be taken alive, why not pick up a couple of 1911A .45 caliber handguns. I know the 9mm can carry more ammo, but believe me, two .45s loaded with hollow points will make a hell of a lot more mess than one 9mm and the tremendous knock down power makes accuracy less of an issue if some really big man tries to take you down.

    It seems to be pro-forma to kill one’s self after a murderous rampage, but being as how your are a female you’ll be blazing new territory. One last thing. Please don’t forget to leave a manefesto like Cho and Eliot Rodgers did. The press loves that kind of stuff.

  11. I hate men. This will never change. Men have made me feel like shit from the beginning. I recall being at a church function and some ‘he man’ little boy punched me in my chest (I had just sprouted breasts) because he was a little misogynistic idiot in training that probably had a crush on me, and knew no other way to relate other than to harm me. To now, I am married to piece of shit that can’t even fuck anymore, but I have to be good and stay faithful to this lump while I get my life in order and figure out the particulars to get the hell out of here before I kill myself. Meanwhile, in the process of this thing I must do, I have to deal with the fact that “my time is running out” re my ‘attractiveness’ to men (I am in my 30’s) and coping with suicidal thoughts from being sexually, emotionally and even physically mistreated by the obese piece of shit that calls itself my (soon to be ex, Zeus willing) husband. No sex is sexual mistreatment/neglect in a marriage. I have lived that for the better part of 4 years. I fucking hate how entitled men are! How arrogant and fucking selfish they are. And they relish these traits. “Their” woman. “Their” this. “Their” that. Fuck all of you. I married an in shape man that pity partied his way into being an overweight slob x2 with no self respect and yet, because I have a vagina, I’m supposed to respect this piece of human waste? If I were the obese one, and he were the in shape one, I’m sure he would have been out fucking half the county, and men on line and IRL would have applauded him. Fuck this world and fuck men and fuck gender expectations. I am an alien! I hate men with such a passion. And do any of them bother to speak to a woman these days? Not so much as they leer and stare and ogle. I’m sick of that shit too.

  12. I’m with Molly I hate all men to. Most men don’t even have the decency to get up and let a lady sit down on the bus. If we had all women on earth there wouldn’t be any crime. I’m with you all the way Molly

  13. To the girl who felt the need to scold women because they are daring to vent their feelings online about men and their experiences with men: as if you are going to come in here and tell other women how to feel. What are you, a dude? Gtfo how about? Google this sentence: “women who do not respect men.” Go ahead. That is what I did, and 7 pages later into Google search, I found this blog. The 6.5 other pages, I was greeted with links to the fucking wretched “Return of Kings” wholly misogynistic blog, a blog by Matt Forney (another misogynist) and a variety of articles and links to blogs about what women do to upset men, how women can be more respectable for men, what women do to offend men. 7 fucking pages to find a blog of women getting real right back. 7 bitch! Let me guess, you are one of those female crusaders, fighting “the war on men.” SNORT. You are jus adorable, sweetheart. Bless you. Pffft. How fucking dare you come in here, as a woman, to silence the hurt, pain, and straight up fucking trauma suffered by other women due to the actions of men? How come I don’t see you over on the “pro-rape” blogs, taking a stand for your sisters? Have you taken a moment to read the comments and insults thrown at women simply for trying to defend themselves? It is ABHORRENT the abuse that women take. How DARE men say these things? And here we have this lil blog here, with a small amount of women saying “y’know, I am pretty goddamned tired of this shit”….and you think you have a single fucking right to say a damn thing about it? Bitch sit the fuck down. Like the other ladies posting here, there is not a single day that goes by, where I do not read at least 5 new rape/abuse/child abuse story. There is not a day that goes by that I do not live in absolute fear for my little daughter in this world. There is not a day that I do not read about some horrid fucking atrocity being committed against a woman in a 3rd world country. Every day, I shed tears for women and children. I myself have almost died at the hands of a man who claimed to love me. I do not know a single female who has not been victimized by a man. I watch daily as my best friend is disrespected by her “man”. A man she has been fiercly loyal to, has had 2 children for, who takes incredible care of her home and family. A man she has stuck with for 8 years now and this douchebag won’t even offer this amazing woman a promise ring at the absolute least. But, she is so terrified that leaving him could result in the next man being even worse, that she just grins and bears it. Last week both of her little ones had the flu, she had the flu, and do you think this asshole even remotely offered to take care of her? NOPE. In fact, he “rubbed his dick” on her leg. Thats how concerned he was for both her mental and physical health. And this is the standard. Ask men how they feel about this, and be prepared to hear how him not giving a damn is somehow due to her failings, she should have fucked him, etc. WTF is wrong with men??? Someone tell me this. I am single mother. Think men respect me? Nope. In fact, this makes me the ultimate slut of course. Doesn’t matter that I sacrifice everything to raise these 2, go to school full time, do every last duty with zero help. Doesn’t matter that I am kind, smart, socially concerned, helpful, loyal, honest. Nope. Single mom, and I and the kids somehow deserve that. I deserve to have men who I loved and trusted leave me as a single parent. Even writing all of this i can feel tears forming in my eyes which enrages me even more. As a kid, I remember thinking that men protected women. Men would never tolerate other men hitting women. LOL. Boy was I wrong. In fact they hi5 each other. I can go on for hours, but I will stop because this is already long and depressing enough. But the bottom line is, don’t you fucking dare show up in here telling women to shut up. You do not get to invalidate feelings and experiences because you know a few nice dudes. And you can kiss my ass for even trying to lecture women rather then offering support and empathy, moron. To the other ladies, I stand with you always. To the men commenting: please, if you are “not that guy” then all you need to do is offer empathy and support. Let women vent, let women feel safe here. Know that if you are not a part of the majority of awful men, this simply does not apply to you. If you care about women, speak up and point out disgusting words and behaviors of other men when you see/hear/read it. If you start taking a look around online, I am sure that it will make a bit more sense as to why women are so angry and hurting. Hell just read the news if that helps. And everything that you see here, keep in mind, women close to you have experienced a lot of this shit as well. They just may not mention it because simply put: men invalidate them and railroad them. So a lot of women just don’t talk about it. I swear to you, that is the truth. What a great life this is eh.

  14. I honestly do wish all men would die. Men are pathetic, stupid, evil, ignorant, closed-minded, etc. I especially hate the religious men. I wish there were people who were serious enough about this matter to join me. I want to make a cult or group where we have a second holocaust for men. We could just kill off as many as we can. I’m not sure if anyone would join me, but if I had enough power, I’d nuke them all. Or we could make them our slaves.

    • Thank you for your comment Kitten.

      I am sorry it took so long to approve, it was in the spam folder for some reason.

      You should be able to comment whenever you like now.

    • So you wish your dad to be dead? What about your grandfather if he is still alive? What about your uncle ? Do you have a brother? If you do , or if you did would you want him too? Ya’ll are ridiculous. You guys are on some drugs or something.

  15. I Am so happy to have found this site and other like minded women. I hate men deeply. Men commit a vast majority of crimes and they make women feel horrible. This world literally caters to men and they have it so easy. All men want is sex they are so disrespectful I am on this chat site and i put decent pics of me but every guy says something sexually provocative to me .. How can they act ao crude and disrespectful Women give birth to these selfish disgusting creeatures there are so many things wrong with men Its a never ending list they are greedy selfish shallow rude disrespectful lacking compassion and empathy abusive .. Man is the worst creature to have lived

    • Hi Ashley,
      wonderful of you to join us! I am so sorry I took so long to approve your comment.

      You should be able to comment now that you have had your first post approved.

      Hugs and Kisses to you!

  16. Comment: i hate many men too Molly,men really are creeps,by many men i mean on average,the men that i have found to be more tolerable are usually those that are considered to have ‘feminine’ charecteristic like gay men,asexual men,men who prefer older women etc.many women have a similar effect to stockholm syndrome(where by a victims eventually like/sympathise with her oppressor),that is why its hard for them to acknowledge and overcome this male-trashed(instead of male dominated i say this,lol,you should see the angry mens faceswhen i say this) society.its a hard thing to accept and break from when you are brainwashed from even when still in the womb.the reason i was able to overcome these effect is complex but am glad i am

  17. Men are absolute trash and that is a fact. I have no use for them at all anymore…the only way I could ever be turned on by one is by imagining them being slowly tortured and verbally abused. Honest truth. Fuck ’em!

  18. Thank you! Finally someone understands that men are complete assholes. I’ve hated them since I was a child. I just can’t help it. They honestly disgust me so much

  19. Here are some facts.

    1. All women are crazy. Don’t try to understand their emotions and stupid behavior. A waste of time.
    2. In a relationship, men should OWN their woman, literally. That is the only way you can keep these crazy women satisfied for long, at least based on my experience. The women feel betrayed when they find out that their OWNER no longer needs them. It’s just like a dog or a puppy.
    3. I do believe that women are human and have a soul but they are definitely inferior to us. If it weren’t for their sexy bodies and attractive faces, they would be pretty much worthless. No value.

    I deal with plenty of women at my job and some of them report to me. Be too nice with them and they throw tantrums. Just treat them for the bitches they are, they turn into obedient dogs with a submissive voice.

    I hate long-term relationships with women They’re like blood vampires — suck the masculine energy out of you. Some of the most prodigious men – Mozart, Beethoven, Issac Newton, James Watt, Nicolas Tesla, Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling, Abraham Lincoln – they all were able to reach their true potential because they KEPT THEIR DISTANCE from women.

    Women have nothing interesting to say — so it’s a waste of time talking to them. They just need to cook, clean and suck dick. Let them whine all they want with their equally mediocre, fatass girlfriends.

    Stupid WO-MEN. Inferior creatures. Will always remain submissive and subservient to men — or will die alone — that’s your destiny.

    • Go lick dog shit. It’s all you are good for. I’m not using “you” in the plural here, as in “men are only good for licking dog shit”. I mean, you, specifically, as a human being, are only good for licking dog shit.

    • I hope karma bites you hard in your ass and it will. You can be evil to women but life will fuck up for you in some way for your behaviour and thoughts, you will lose your health or job or your wife will cheat on your ass. I hope the worst for you, bastard.

  20. Good post! I’d like to add my own list too!

    1. Only men are members of ISIS
    2. Look at the sex offender registry; all men!!
    3. Men rape and pillage
    4. The judges are men who let rapists get off with a slap on the wrist. (Hey if there is no sufficient punishment for rape, then it is being OKAYED by society. Thanks a lot guys).
    5. Women are treated like shit who work in male dominated jobs
    6. Porn is produced overwhelmingly by men. They make all the money off of it while usually giving the women a flat fee
    7. Domestic violence
    8. Sexual harassment
    9. Pedophilia
    10. Priests are sometimes child molesters (men)
    11. Marriage used to be an agreement between TWO MEN
    12. Men masturbate in public
    13. They will fuck anything with a warm hole
    14. There has never been a female president
    15. The music business is dominated by men
    16. The film industry is dominated by men
    17. The fashion industry is dominated by men
    18. Date rape
    19. Men drug women’s drinks then drag them home and rape them
    20. Men don’t see women as equals

    I could go on and on!! Thank you for telling your truth. Any other woman like to add to our lists?

  21. To men who say women need them here … um … at this point in time, they DON’T! Labs can make a healthy baby out of two eggs easily but NOT a healthy one from two sperms without some heavy editing (if the situation was reversed) and no lab so far has managed to make a functioning artificial uterus … so there! A world with no men would still have people in it but not the other way around! Sorry to your sick minds! AND you want evidence of men having done worse than women so far when it comes to being fair or humane? You got it! Google crime statistics and read the numbers … if that doesn’t prove something to you, then you need some new glasses or medications!
    As for the main subject, I support genders being equal, however, in the duration of my life (many many many years already) I’ve met many women who impressed me so much with their kindness, intelligence and overall humanity that I’m actually angry now that I’m not a lesbian, but not once, NOT EVEN ONE man has managed to let me keep the very basic amount of respect that I generally have for any individual, from my own father or grandfather to guys whom I barely know! They all managed to completely wipe out any respect I had for them either through being a lot like “Mike” in the comments or by their complete lack of humanity or fairness or by being revoltingly proud of their genitals or by being perverted sex-crazed cheaters and horrible fathers or by being egoistic dominance-seeking monsters or … ! I do believe that decent guys like “Anon” exist but they’re so rare that they’re barely visible among the crowd and the disturbing fact is that those men sometimes are pressured by other males to become more like the garbage they are and are constantly told that they’re too sensitive, feminine, weak, etc and very rarely mothers are actually trying to teach their boys how to be a decent human-being and how to believe in equality instead of just blindly following their ill-mannered fathers or classmates!
    In any case, I’m so glad that now ladies are more supportive of one another and that they’re continuing to demand their very basic rights as human beings unlike before when women STAYED (yes, this is bold for “Mike” and the likes of him to read!) mostly silent and LET men have their own way … and to those “people” who are proud of being men because they can still use it to abuse another group of people aka women, the world is heading to a more just environment for all, so like it or not, women will get their rights and then you will be left with no superiority over anyone! Jumping to another subject just for fun, read through history and you’ll see that if men generally make better cooks, women generally make better state rulers! Most countries with female queens, presidents, rulers had had some prosperous and peaceful times for the duration of their female head!
    Ladies (or gentlemen, just in case any of you was also not happy with how other males had behaved or is behaving right now) I don’t blame any of you for hating men because let’s face it, while everyone do deserve their own rights, history doesn’t erase itself and misogynists/abusers of today’s world also make it really difficult for us to keep our hearts open for negotiation even … so pretty much why I don’t really blame black-skinned people for not liking white ones sometimes (because of all the horrible things our ancestors done to their ancestors) but just for the sake of having a calmer mind, wouldn’t be better to leave our hatred and anger for when we actually encounter one of those asses somewhere rather than ruining a peaceful day of ours with focusing on them? I mean seriously, as long as we can defend ourselves and our loved ones against them, they’re not worth a second of our time to be thinking about them … so cheers! (celebrating the existence of all prior feminists who claimed some of our rights and that we’re free and not a slave for a pathetic disgusting creature!)
    And thank you for this site! I may not go as far as saying that we should kill good guys along with the trash but still it’s a good opportunity for many ladies to freely speak their minds and let their voices be heard from all over!

  22. grrrr men are awful grrrrr i hate them grrrrr im a women and i cant get laid grrrrrr wake me up inside… or wen hes inside… which is never cos i disattract everyone with my bullshit heaving from all over me also men suck grrrrrrr

  23. Thank you for this site. I am unable to talk about this stuff with my girlfriends cos most of them have given birth to males and therefore are blind to any of their wrongdoings. One of my friends son had s one night stand and blames the woman for getting pregnant!!!!! His mother is on his side and says the girl is a tramp!!!!!! I told her that maybe her son should not have sex with someone he doesn’t want to have a baby with and she just glares at me!!!!

  24. Hi,
    I am a decent guy. I heard about this site but I thought, “it has to be some sort of parody”. While I complete respect you choice and right to express yourselves in this way, I implore you not to apply blanket terms or broad statements to men (just as you wish them not to be applied to women). Secondly, I just wanted to say that don’t write ALL men off because assholes exist. I hate to say it but assholes will always exist. Unfortunately, this “iteration” of assholes happen to be men. There are men out there, like myself, who a) want to work WITH women to improve the way our society is structured and b) don’t hold an unnecessarily complicated expectation for women.
    Assuming you even care, I prefer a woman who has a mind of her own, can make her own decisions, and doesn’t NEED me (in the sense that I am not her means of survival). Do I want her to appreciate the effort I would put into a relationship? Of course, just like anyone would. Admittedly, I prefer that she know how to get to the point, especially in times of crisis or where time is a factor. That being said, there is a HUMAN (not just feminine) need to vent and get everything off one’s chest.
    All guys aren’t assholes. All guys aren’t looking to take advantage of, abuse, mistreat, or objectify women. Men like Masculine Macho Man are a dying breed of men. Again I understand you need to vent, but don’t become the monsters you are venting about. Realize that some of us are on your side.

  25. Yeah men are such fcking animals they cant be faithful thats on their dna and most of us women keep men cook for them clean all the house keeping kids and more with our career and they dont do shit just being our “big son” go spend money on other girl cheat and do lame excuses and i see why a lot of women are not married or gold diggers like one of my friend she was a nice women and faithful and cuz men hurt her and are fcking asshole she dont trust in love anymore so she preffered money than something that really doesn’t exist which is love. Me has well i was a women never makeup(not have problem with it i use in special events) but men abused me make me feel fcking crap and at the moment im with ton of surgeries because i was low esteem even perm makeup (tattoo liner) or sometimes i use wigs or contact lenses but guess what i am lesbian and now im 6 years of relationship with my girlfriend we are like a open book no cheat at manipulation or lame excuses when im always with my girl friends im happy and with my couple has well we dont hide our friends we meet them and now we are a big group of girl friends which we hate men we really felt like crap with men we travel share go shopping or do events etc really women are the best gift that nature could give we are the ones that are made of pure emotions we change and we act because of our past pain while men are full of ego and not love feelings at all their dna is to have ton of women seriously men are like parasites most women these days keep them while we need take care of the house,kids(which most men abandoned the kids) our career and them??? Naaa while they all cheat and have everything good.and now society uses women like a product seriously every fcking commercial most of the time is women everywhere is women or sexualixing women has sex objects we are humans we are fcking alive not a object! i kinda feel like a object sometimes instead of a women that we need to look like barbies and perfect let me tell you something ladies SOCIETY IS NOT HUMANITY,SOCIETY IS MEN! Please never do the same has me ignore men love yourself do whatever you want not because of these parasites men just for you! Why you gonna listen to some useless trash LADIES YOU ARE WORTH IT WE DO MUCH AND WE ARE VALUABLE RESPECT AND LOVE YOURSELF DO NOT LET MEN PARASITES LET YOU DOWN DO NOT GET MANIPULATED TO HAVE SEX WITH PRICKS IF YOU REALLY DONT WANT TO BECAUSE AT THE END MOST OF THE TIME USES YOU. WOMEN ARE INDEPENDENT WE DEAL WITH SOCIETY(men) WITH DEAL WITH OUR PROBLEMS, EMOTIONS AND WE KEEP FIGHTING NO MATTER WHAT! IF THEY CALL YOU SLUT,GOLD DIGGER,USELESS ETC. REMEMBER THEY ARE THE SOCIETY WHICH IS USELESS REMEMBER THEY CANT DO EVEN THE HALF OF US WOMEN DO! MOST OF US TAKE CARE OF KIDS WE GIVE BIRTH WE HAVE CAREER AND HOUSE JOB HAS WELL OH YEAH BEING BEAUTIFUL MAKING UP OR MAKE OUR HAIR BEAUTIFUL LOSS WEIGHT NOT EASY DO THEY DO THAT?! NOOO THEY DONT EVEN SHAVE OR TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES.LADIES YOU ARE WORTH IT DONT LET NO ONE TAKE YOU DOWN. ME AND MY FRIENDS VALUE U HAS MUCH HAS ANY WOMEN OUT THERE YOU ARE SPECIAL AND UNIQUE WE HAVE FAITH IN YOU AND WE KNOW YOU CAN FIGHT AND DO IT AND MAKE YOUR DREAMS DONT LET THEM ABUSE YOU FIGHT BACK WE LOVE YOU!DONT ENVY A GIRL BECAUSE IS “”””PRETTIER”””” REMEMBER THATS THE SOCIETY GOAL TO MAKE WOMEN INSECURE REMEMBER BEAUTY IS FROM THE OWNER EYES NOT PUBLIC EYES.DONT ENVY MAKE FRIENDS WITH THEM LETS BE UNITE LET BE FRIENDS THOSE MODELS THAT YOU SEE OR SINGERS ACTRESSES ARE HAS WELL BEING USED BY SOCIAL MEDIA PLEASE LADIES DO NOT GET BRAINWASH LET BEAT THESE CRAP MEN DOWN!

  26. i don’t understand why there are men arguing here! why do they even care?!
    i think they just like to argue. so dear Molly you can just ignore them.

    men have hurt me in so many ways, i didn’t know how i can show my hatred. so i just typed “i hate all men” and google led me to your site.
    please find a way so i can hurt them back and make them pay for what they’re doing. i don’t know what to do. i thought i can go and learn karate so i could beat them up and make them cry. but im not sure if it works and it will take some time to learn. i need help. i need revenge. i need to do something or ill loose my mind… 🙁

  27. haha this fucking article is so damn true. i feel the same way..these stupid evil arrogant
    pieces of sh*t…can kiss my a**…they are evil sh*t all of them. There are no good men out there
    theyre all sick

  28. I really needed this site right now! I love this. …this is needed. I’m so tired of hearing about what men want/like etc. They have a long laundry list of stuff they want women to do or change. Meanwhile when do we get what we want? What about what I want/like? Sometimes I just need a place to come and vent and say I FUCKING HATE THOSE ASSHOLES!!!!!!! Ahhhhh I feel a little better now…. 🙂

  29. Molly, you are a disgrace to women and the population of humanity. Come kill me you slut, I have a slap packed with 10 times more punch than yours if you bring any.

  30. WOW. Do any of you that hate men SO BAD have any sons,brothers or Fathers?! How can you give birth to s baby boy and Hate Men?

  31. I hate men and it is now my mission to give men as much trauma and pain as I can. i play around with them and treat them like garbage … Just the way they are supposed to be. Thanks for this site. It is the best!!!

    • Is this bait? Let’s replace the word “man”/”men” with feminin pronouns:
      “I hate women and it is now my mission to give women as much trauma and pain as I can. I play around with them and treat them like garbage … Just the way they are supposed to be.”
      Sounds pretty bad, right? Well, that’s because what you said is hurtful. Maybe don’t do that.

  32. I read somewhere online that most men have tendencies to be pedophiles. More and more of these sick men are abusing and raping innocent children because they are losing power over women and need to feel big and bad! The number of pedophiles is literally skyrocketing! An estimation of 1 out of 3 little girls will be sexually abused because they are easier to manipulate and submit for these pieces of vermin. An estimation of 1 out of 10 boys will be abused so I’m not saying that we only have to watch out for our daughters. These men are starting to feel weak and scared of no longer controlling women so they are moving to weaker beings that they can control. I have 2 daughters and I won’t let any man near them besides family, and even then I won’t leave them alone! I don’t understand how women can trust men with their daughters.. even their own fathers! I was potty training my 2 year old and my ex got a boner when he saw her naked, then a couple weeks later I was laying with her in her room when I woke up and saw him masturbating next to her. He is her father, he is suppose to protect her from creeps like himself! Men are all pedophile pigs in my eyes! I know a lot of people might not agree, but I came here to vent!

  33. I’m in love with this site. Thank God I found it. I hate men. I wish all of them would be eradicated from the world. Men are responsible for all the harm and violence women have ever experience. They disgust me. thank u for this site

  34. I can’t stand men, most of the ones I know are arrogant fuckwits and are so disrespectful to women this is a great site there should be more like this.

  35. Its sad to see the same style of hate that the nazis and kkk and numerous other hate groups continue with.
    Imagine a group so stupid that hates half the human race.
    These woman have to be some really crazy people with such hate. I pity those that actually need this outlet.

  36. Didn’t even read half of macho man’s delusional post. Way too hysterical and bound to his own raging emotions lol. No one that stupid could ever be an equal to anyone with normal intelligence

  37. I can’t believe the Mike guy in an earlier post trying to psychoanalize you saying that you must have had apsome ex husband abuse you and it’s all your fault for not seeing the signs in the first place!!!!! Oh my god there are so so many things wrong here. I’m too angry to even list them all, but basically he is saying abuse is ok and if someone is a victim it is THIER fault. So if a six month old baby is raped it is THIER fault. This is what is wrong with the world men think because they are physically bigger and stronger that they can manipulate us and do what they want.

    If you had suffered serious abuse from an ex as he suggested there is every possibility that the abuser was a decent kind wonderful guy that befriended everyone respected in the community and on your wedding night or soon after raped and beat and taunted you. How would you see the signs, all your friends would think he was perfect. Just like the six month old baby how would they see the signs?

    Another example of a stupid man

  38. All women are evil they use their bodies as a power to seduce men into doing whatever you want and they will do whatever means necessary to getting whatever they want out of men all men want is a healthy relationship but do they get it no because women cause that relationship to become unstable.

    They are like children you give them to much they dump you and it was all for nothing you get sad or start having a break down OH WAIT WOMEN DONT CARE oh but when women do it they expect you to comfort them they expect men to be able to do everything when they CANT alright they can’t we are not gods where we can make anything happen we are humans to oh but when they don’t get what they want they dump you for no apparent reason with all your money you just spent on them

  39. Ladies, have a little faith…Having a heart full of anger and hatred can absolutely do no good for you. Remember that it goes both ways: bad girls exists TOO you know…Remember that there’s plenty of fish in the sea and not ALL man are bad. Just because you’ve been hurt before doesn’t mean you have to be bitter and turn your back on happiness forever. Because yes, you CAN’T be truly-completely happy…alone. Life is a roller-coaster: you’ll face ups and downs on a daily basis. It’s up to you to either stay down or get back up. In my opinion, (nobody have to agree) being mad and complain is a way of staying down and let life beating you down. Rise up!

    From a man.

  40. You’re saying it sister!
    Men are the last scum!
    Did you know, a japanese scientist has breeded a mouse from 2 ovules (whithout sperms)
    Sorry my englisch, I’m german.

    They’ll invent reproduction without men, It is wonderfull idea!
    Noone will need a man evermore!

    It would be a better world if the men not exist and all women would be lesbian.
    And reproduction could be from two ovules.
    So the men are goin in the garbage can of evolution

  41. Men are disgusting animals. Don’t you ever just feel like squeezing a man’s testicles just because he’s man? They like to act so tough but all we women have to do is hit them in the balls and they’re on the floor crying. Men are weak and pathetic. I even used to kick and squeeze guys balls in high school all the time for no reason and they’d be too embarrassed to tell anyone because of their inflated egos and it felt great to watch them roll in agony on floor where they belong. Don’t you enjoy that feeling as much as I do?

    • Hey Ashley, maybe you’d be more comfortable on MRA sites since you probably don’t care about the rampant misogyny everywhere else on the internet. This is one reactionary site about men. There are millions of women hating sites out there that never get challenged.

  42. Maybe she isn’t anything but fed up men are total thoughtless dick heads that dont know what the fuck they want. Demand ridiculously high standards with so little to offer themselves…

  43. I am so fed up with most men. I know a few good ones exist as I have encountered some but they are like 1% of all the males I ever met.

    I constantly get men who don’t respect my time. That behavior pisses me off, from anybody, male or female. I just experience it much more from men. It is not ok to stand people up and not return the one message they sent to see if everything is ok. It is so disrespectful, so uncaring. I keep experiencing this from men over and over and over.

    Or men know right away they don’t see anything potential long-term but want to try you out because you are so sexy. Some men point blank admitted it. That is called toying with emotions and feelings and wasting some valuable time for the woman.

    Those behaviors make me so mad, so angry. it makes me jaded and cynical because really 99% of men I know in my life or know of, acts the same.

    I wish I was rich and could buy a male livedoll.

  44. Why post the replies from misogynistic dickwads like Zedrick. Don’t give him the satisfaction. Silence him like his mom should have when she was pregnant with him instead of bringing another hateful piece of shit man into the world.

  45. I really don’t like men in general, however as the daughter of a good man and the mom of two very sweet little boys, I really don’t think killing all men is a rational solution. All men are not the enemy, it is the men who fail to recognize women as equals, who look at women as if they are browsing through a selection in a super market, the pigs who whistle, cat call, and undress you with their eyes, the men who only will treat you with respect if you are a 7 or up, who treat you like shit if you re a 4 or down, the men who actually subscribe to a numbering system for rating a womens inherent value based upon her looks, the men who put things in womens drinks so they can f them, the men who burn and stone women for the crime of being women, men who marry child brides, or mail order brides from impoverished countries helpless women are desperate to escape from, men who beat and control their partners through mental manipulation, who start wars, rape women and children, kill endangered animals for fun and sport etc etc etc. The list of mens crimes is as long as history, but the list of men committing these crimes is probably closer to about 1/3 of the population, killing all men would be irrational, and you know how men love to paint women as irrational creatures. Dont give the douche bags any ammo. What our world needs more females in high positions of power, in fact, I can guarantee our world would be a 100% better place if men were no longer allowed to hold the majority of positions of authority (in politics, law, medicine etc) and I 100% believe there should be mandatory castration as well as harsher jail sentences for anyone convicted of sex crimes against women and children. If they cant play nice with their wiener they shouldn’t be allowed to play with it at all.

  46. Every conversation with a man starts with him trying to belittle me. ALWAYS! Right from the beginning they are unfriendly, offensive, and trying to bring you down and your beliefs. I refuse to enter into any kind of relationship with so much crap right from the start. It’s like they hate you for existing. I have been called every name in the book and I have no idea why. I have never had a boyfriend for this reason, they always want to win and have power over you. I am done.

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  48. Just as you probably think all men are the same, you probably assume you know what every man thinks too. Based on your logic, men put up with women and shouldn’t like them at all since you’ve covered all the basis except every type of man you clearly haven’t dated. You know, the friends that aren’t assholes but are more like a brother to you. Believe it or not, we exist. We appreciate you for who you are and what you are and would feel honored to be in a woman’s life regardless of their financial situation or age or beauty or even if they have a terrible sense of humor. You however, not so much. Learn to respect others and respect yourself before you can deserve respect from the right people.

  49. Problem with woman is that they need a few adjustments to their body.
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