Why Do Women Attract Losers Into Their Lives?


Attraction isn’t a choice. Quality men are pulled in by a confident woman. On the other hand, low quality men are also pulled in by low-confident women because it reduces the risk of damaging their ego while at the same time using you to boost their ego.
In this video I will explain to you why you’re attracting losers in your life and what you need to do to push these men away. The first step is knowing the reason why they’re coming into your life. The second is doing something about it.
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Molly ManHater is a divorcee of a dead beat husband who is a dead beat dad. Her ex is a great example of all that is wrong with men. She is an ardent feminist. Molly supports womens rights. And she HATES all men. Molly hopes you like her site!


  1. It’s not you.
    It’s not us. We women are not luring these loser males, they are seeking us. It’s them.They are responsible for their predatory actions. They are socialised, as males, to be expert in duplicitous behaviour, to be finely skilled emotional conmen.