A Kick Ass Article on How to Get Your Child Support or Alimony



    A kick ass article on how to get your child support or alimony without a lawyer http://www.lisathomsonlive.com/deadbeat-911/


    Is your ex a deadbeat refusing to pay you child support?

    Are you entitled to Spousal Support (or Alimony), yet your ex refuses to acknowledge it?

    Can’t afford a lawyer due to lack of support?

    It’s a vicious circle.

    If he doesn’t pay you, how do you meet your basic expenses never mind legal ones?

    Welcome to Deadbeat 911. To retain a lawyer and get into court for attaining support, you could be looking at up to $10,000.  You’ll start with paying a $3,000 retainer and by the time your lawyer spends time on your file and gets to a courtroom believe me it adds up quickly.  If you do not have the financial resources do not rule out the possibility of attaining child support and spousal support as a self represented litigant.  It requires a little time, preparation and some research.  It sounds daunting at first, but when I take you through a step by step process you will be surprised at how simple it can be.  Use the following steps as a guideline only and follow your Province, State or Country’s specific rules for applications.


    Comment from Molly.

    Yeah. You Go giiirrrrlll. Get that money you are entitled to from that dead beat father. Throw his ass in jail if he does not pay up. It is time those dead beat fathers learned to pay for their own children!


    1. I so agree with you its time these men where held to account for their inadequacy and having no love for their children. If your a man who doesn’t pay child support then I HATE YOU.