I know I’m going to get some mean comments from this, mainly from guys or just people in general. But this is what I think, so, yeah.

And this also isn’t directed towards anyone in particular, just guys in general.

Clearing things up.

Got the idea for the video from Chealsie Drew.


  1. you’re an ardent dumbass that is wholly incapable of even beginning to comprehend another animal, let alone a male human being. you should consider moving to abu ghraid, because it’s perfect for terrorists like you that terrorize our world with your incessant decision-making that is plaguing our government, nation, and world. if you would’ve had better skills at judging a person, you wouldn’t be here, off in lala land

  2. Treat women nice, they will make you their friend and use you as a dishrag. Treat women like shit, they will eventually make a site like this. Never be nice to women.

  3. The reason that her boyfriend is cheating on her is because she’s a tiresome nag. Just listen to her go on. Damn.

  4. You’ve never met a man. You’ve just either had bad luck or make the mistake of choosing boys. These days, most 20-something males are more like boys in their mid-teens. Learn the signs of guys that you should avoid.

    • This is a typical man comment sflm…blame the victims. Us women.

      Well? We are not taking that crap any more and this site is part of what we are doing to let you disgusting men know we know just exactly what you are like!

  5. This is why Im a MGTOW. This is just more proof that feminists is not about being equal. Most are just bitter pissed off women, that can’t be accountable for their own actions, you picked the wrong men in your life. You picked the cool guys and pay no attention to the nerds, in the future when that cool guy turned out to be shit, then you want to blame all men for your short comings. Yes women are getting over in divorce courts, but in the long run you will lose the war. Due to the fact that men are starting to refused to get married in, marriage rates are at an all time low. You have men such as myself seen what their mothers and friends mothers do to the men, we made the decision to never let that happen to us, so we refused to give married or have kids. You feminists made it easy for us because you set men free, we no longer have to get married thanks to the hookup culture, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free. This is why western women especially women in the USA makes bad mothers and wives, just look at the state of the minds of the kids, when you compare them to the minds of kids from other countries they are a joke. Plus women in western countries are getting fat, for example 1 in 4 women are fat or will be fat after being married. So women from non western countries are better choices when it comes to being wives and mothers. My Asian girlfriend laughed at the western women saying that they don’t know how good they have it and that they are too damn spoiled. She said her friends would be happy to trade places with them. This is why Asian are the top choice for men these days ok cupid proven this point already. Most western women act like men these days and we don’t want men, we want women. If you want to fight a real cause then fight for the rights for women in the middle east, but they will not because it’s too dangerous for you and they want things easy. You getting mad at all men because your boyfriend cheated on you, shows how much of an child you are. What about women that cheated on their men, oh yeah that’s right it’s ok in your eyes because it was his fault crap. This is why women from non western countries are more mature and educated then western women. More and more women are ending up umarried with no kids old and alone, they are said about this. Trying to fibd a man and have kids but most men ovet looked them for younger women. There are more women than men so the numbers are on our side, men are starting to no longer cared about having a wife and kids because the risks are not worth the rewards these days. This is why women are starting turned against feminists, but it’s too late the damaged has already been done. If feminists keeps on going USA and other countries are going to end up like Japan. You can blocked me or removed this post but the truth will not go away. Since you cliam to hate men so much then please stop dating us men. Stop having sex with us men, other words just leave men alone and go some where and shut up. You are just a very said person and I feel sorry for you. Signed fed-up man and his Asian girlfriend

    • There is tons of sites where men can talk shit about women. There is a lot of MGTOW sites where you do the same. Yet when there is couple where women can talk about what human waste men are in society you fragile pathetic male egos that’s big as supernova but so fragile cant stand it. Get over it loser. I find it funny that you cant leave women alone that you claim to hate. Please please please leave us alone and stay off the sites. Please you would be doing us favor. Its proven fact women are happier when they are not married.

  6. Also good luck with dating by the way. Because men are watching this trash and putting their friends on alert about you. The only men you will be able to date are simps/mangina and other weak men. No real men will come no where near you. Also once you put something on the Internet it’s there forever even if you take the video and website down. I bet you will not post none of my stuff because you are not debating a weak man on here and you don’t want to hear the truth or the other side of the story. So you covered your ears with yur hand like some spoiled little child. Have a great day

    • Why would she want to date men at all? They are all simps, weak or strong, smart or dumb.

  7. Look, Truth be told stop being a dick. I too am a male who has seen what marriage does to people. In your first comment, you had a point about the fact that women do sometimes pick the wrong guys (going for the “cool guys” instead of the “nerds”). But that was as far as you should of went. Everything you said after that only validates her point about hating men.

    MollyManhater, almost the things you listed in this video are the same things I HATE about women. I’ve been cheated on. (And no I didn’t do anything to deserve it, she was just an asshole). Women compliment men all the time, but as guys, we don’t do anything about it because we trust that you meant nothing by it. Like I said in my other post, not ALL guys are assholes.

  8. Misandrist are a disgrace humanity, they must be eradicated from this world those filthy pigs.

  9. I love you Molly. I love your site. I knew there were sites like this with people who reason like men.I hate men so much. Most, if not all my friends have been raped by men. I hate them so much. I hope they all die. They are disgusting bastards.

  10. I agree with you completely. Coming to think of this whole thing, I came to the conclusion that masculinity itself is an incurable disease. People often say it is the men with weak and feeble masculinity that is the problem. True, but I find that even guys with wholesome masculinity gruesome as well. They all have this ‘male limitations’. Their world view is completely set around their pathetic lust and their drive for reproduction.

  11. hahahaha
    what an arabian man do here? hahaha
    and their name lol
    ok anyway … go to your maid in the kitchen hehehe

  12. Love this site. The man babies comments are so typical. Its speaks to their ego they can’t handle few sites that doesn’t cater to them.

  13. Problem I see with you is that you never have had a good F**king! If you had, you would have a big smile on your face as you wait for the next time!!